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The Reason We Were Born
Complexity Made Simple
A brand born from tragedy

Newton’s Meter was born out of a tragic accident that took a young man’s life. It was a hit-and-run incident.

A motorcyclist working for a food delivery service was knocked down and fell behind a bush where passers-by could not see him. What was truly tragic was the fact that the rider didn’t die on impact but he was knocked unconscious and bled to death slowly. If he had been discovered earlier, he would have lived today.


Siddharth felt a deep sense of loss even though the rider was a stranger to 

Our device works exactly on the principle of torque

The Newton's Meter motto

The Team

The Collective Might

behind Newton’s Meter

Ultra-light, AI-enabled electronic SOS device designed, engineered and manufactured in Singapore.


Supported by multiple Enterprise Singapore grants with due vetting reaffirming Newton’s Meter POC & POV.
Stringently tested for performance, safety, and reliability by TUV Singapore and bears the TUV NRTL mark with CE & FCC.
Successfully filed
four patents in Singapore as USA.

The Review & Coverage


The World's First Ultra Advanced SOS Safety System.

Backed by a Patented Electronic Circuitry, Assisted by Artificial intelligence .

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